Sponsored Educational Workshop (Monday 8/21 at 3:00 PM) – $5,000

This sponsorship is for one of the three available 3-hour sponsored Educational Workshops held starting at 3:00 PM on Monday, August 21. Cost: $5,000 per workshop.


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Sponsored Monday Afternoon Workshop – $5,000 per workshop NEW FOR MESC 2023!

New for MESC 2023 is the opportunity to conduct a three-hour workshop to deep-dive into a Medicaid Enterprise Systems related topic of your choosing. There are three workshop slots available, with all workshops to be held on Monday afternoon starting at 3 PM.

Your sponsored workshop will be held in a meeting room arranged to accommodate up to approximately 200 attendees. Each workshop starts at 3 PM on Monday August 21st, and is a maximum of three (3) hours in length, running concurrent with the other educational workshops being held on Monday afternoon. All rooms will have a laptop, projector, and screen.

Attendees will be asked to pre-register for all Monday afternoon workshops - you will be provided a list of registered attendees prior to the start of the workshop.

Additionally, each Industry Sponsored Educational Workshop includes:

  • A description of your workshop within the printed program and on the MESC mobile app. 5 The session description is limited to a maximum of 200 words, and will be identified with your logo and company name.
  • An 1/8-page ad (2.5”H x 3.5”W approximate size) and your logo in the conference program.
  • Summary description of your organization on the MESC mobile app, and in the conference program.
  • Registered attendee list sent weekly beginning in June 2023.
  • MESC staff provided lead scanning services and reporting on session attendance.