MESC 2023 Tracks and Themes

Track 1: Integrations, Innovation & Modernization Across the MESC Environment

Sessions in this track focus on success stories and cutting-edge innovations across the MES environment that have resulted in measurable outcomes for State agencies.

Abstracts could highlight new approaches in mobile engagement & interoperability efforts; innovative solutions that States and vendors have implemented to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and meet the needs of members, providers and State stakeholders.

Track 2: Managing Your MES in a Multi-vendor/Multi-module Environment

Sessions in this track focus on the challenges and success stories encountered by States in managing the ever-increasing number of vendors and modules in the MES environment.

Abstracts could focus on improved efficiencies in working with sister agencies, new approaches to funding resources, and the development and use of VMO best practices in a multi-system and multivendor landscape.

Track 3: Lessons Learned from the PHE - Keeping the Momentum Going...

Sessions in this track focus on the valuable lessons learned and best practices gained during the PHE that will most likely continue in the future.

Abstracts could highlight successes in managing staff, workflow and resources on a remote basis, the intended and unintended benefits which have had a positive impact on State agencies, their staff and their members.

Track 4: Health Equity & Social Determinants of Health – Meeting Members Where They Are

Sessions in this track focus on strategies being taken by States to serve members in the way they need to be served, and how data driven decisions are being used to address inequities in access to health care and to improve outcomes.

Track 5: Engaging Agency Partners to Implement Person-Centric Systems

Sessions in this track focus on how States are engaging partner agencies to share data and collaborate to design systems that result in a seamless user experience.

Track 6: Proactively Reducing Payment Recovery Efforts

Sessions in this track focus on how States ensure that systems are established to identify potentially liable third parties and process claims accordingly.

Track 7: Wild Card

A general catch-all track for abstracts and proposals that do not fit cleanly in one of the above tracks.

An area of focus that of interest across the country is how States have approached retaining and recruiting staff critical to improving systems for State agencies and thier clients.

Other areas of interest include: TMSIS – How States are using the data effectively to inform stakeholders; Cloud Migration – moving from a physical data center to the cloud and challenges/successes in managing multiple modules in different cloud solutions.