Sponsored Educational Workshop (Monday 8/12 at 10 AM) – $5,000

Sponsored 2 hour Educational Workshops (10:00 AM Monday, August 12). Cost: $5,000 per workshop.


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Sponsored Monday Afternoon Workshop – $5,000 per workshop

This sponsorship provides the opportunity to conduct a two-hour workshop to deep-dive into a Medicaid Enterprise Systems related topic of your choosing. There are three workshop slots available, with all workshops to be held on Monday morning starting at 10 AM.

Your sponsored workshop will be held in a meeting room arranged to accommodate up to approximately 200 attendees. Each workshop starts at 10 AM on Monday August 12th, and is a maximum of two (2) hours in length (exclusive a planned 15 min break), running concurrent with the other educational workshops being held on Monday morning. All rooms will have a laptop, projector, and screen.

Attendees will be asked to pre-register for all Monday workshops - you will be provided a list of registered attendees prior to the start of the workshop.

Additionally, each Industry Sponsored Educational Workshop includes:

  • A description of your workshop within the printed program and on the MESC mobile app. 5 The session description is limited to a maximum of 1000 characters (inclusive of spaces and punctuation), and will be identified with your logo and company name.
  • An 1/8-page ad and your logo in the conference program.
  • Summary description of your organization on the MESC mobile app, and in the conference program.
  • Registered attendee list sent weekly beginning in June 2024.
  • MESC staff provided lead scanning services and reporting on session attendance.